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09 December 2011 @ 02:34 am
Just want to update here to make my journal alive before i'm off bed
everyday i'm counting down to the day that SGSB dvd release
as i pre-order with HMV .. this is the first time i pre-prder with HMV via VISA card...
since i never buy on hmv before
cause have been unsuccessful once!
and confusing about my money due to i crushed on kisumai recently!!!
i want to order their A and B limited Edition and Lawson HMV Edition but my money gone so fast!
as i don't have salary i'm just a student i can't earn money from work (i don't have part-time job too)
Aaa what should i do?
Do i have to ignore and pretend to not buy it even though i want to support them
but now i'm decide to ask my friend of friend that live in japan to buy it for me only one edition is enough i think!

Recently Yamapi has a lot of activity that i can wantch him on (japanese) TV because of his up coming drama
i'm really looking forward to his new drama
wish time go fast !!!
i need holiday!!! summer break!!
since fall break just finnish i went to univ. just two day and really sick of it
boring everything that surrounded me

okay just talk so much too long today
see you(when i'm not lazy ^^)

sweet dream, Sleep tight!
26 November 2011 @ 12:29 am
It's been awhile that i haven't update here.
just busy (that's lie)
as i'm always lazy~~~~~~

Recently, In Thailand... The weather is getting colder...
need warm coat to wear and warm water to bath O_o LOL!

Recently(again), I appointed to be a staff of Yamapi's fan forum in Thai language desu ne
and due to withdrawal of Yamapi and Ryo from NEWS(do not ask me about feeling, i didn't feel anything)
make me can't find monthly scanlation of Yamapi such as popolo,myojo,potato,wink up,dute
I think with myself too many time that will i buy it my own and scan ... it just two or three pages (although there's kisumai too)
i searched on google and in many LJ...I has hard time too find it (can anyone help?)
I know that i will found many scanlation on weibo,baidu. i has their account but i forgot password 
and it will be hard to find any scan and re-post/re-upload to another site
since,they will said 'do not re-post outside of...' and i can't understand chinese too

if decided to buy my own and scan them i will update again
saikin,my english is getting bad i know it and i will try to recover it as soon as possible
and i thought that because i studying Japanese everyday ... but it is not true right? 

all above just saying with myself - -
see you ^___^
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